About Pragmadik

Technically speaking, we help companies solve complex and convoluted challenges using behavioral science.

In layman's terms, we help you better understand and influence your customers and employees so you can effectively compete, innovate, and grow profitably.

We serve a wide range of privately-held, public, and non-profit companies.

Our Process

We don't use pre-packaged, trite, or fluff-filled processes. Each engagement is specifically tailored to the individual client, allowing us to get to the heart of the matter quickly and eliminating redundancies.

However, most engagements follow a similar structure:


We start by diagnosing your toughest challenges and growth obstacles, understanding existing perceptions and their proliferation.


We validate perceptions with customers and employees, determining alignment or misalignment with existing knowledge and experience.


We then utilize design thinking to establish target outcomes, mapping root causes, monetary risks, and cultural impacts, outlining an implementation and prioritization strategy.


We then deploy custom solutions rooted in behavioral science, coupled with clearly defined success metrics to ensure measurable outcomes.