The Sea Change Blueprint.

Organizations often view problems in silos. Sales are down? We just need to think of ways to increase it. Lack of innovative ideas? Just have a brainstorming session. Need a strategy? Do a ton of research and hold a series of meetings.

When the resulting "solutions" don't move the needle, we blame an organizational resistance to change or simply label it a bad idea, and we're back to square one.

However, problems are never that black and white. They are layered, complex, and interrelated.

The key is to understand and address the triumvirate underlying every successful organizational change:

1. Cultural Construct - How the organizational culture perceives and adopts new ideas and concepts

2. Strategic Focus
- How the mission/vision/goals are defined, operationalized, and integrated into the business

3. Audience Acumen - How the organization interprets and addresses audience needs, perceptions, and behaviors

This is the framework for the Sea Change Blueprint©.


Sea Change Blueprint


Our blueprint framework was born from 15 years of research with over 100 companies. Each of these areas drive the ability of the other to operate effectively. Without all three working in harmony, any solution to a complex problem will always fall short of expectations.

In essence,
Cultural obstacles impede strategic adoption.
Strategic ambiguity impedes audience focus.
Audience nescience impedes cultural efficacy.

We assess your cultural, strategic, and audience assets and impediments, identifying which levers to pull, which to leave alone, and how to do it.


Cultural Construct

Strategic Focus

Audience Acumen

If it's time for a sea change, we're happy to chat further on the framework, train your team to use it, or lead a guided engagement.