Connect better
with customers.

Start with customers.
End with growth.

Treating causes.
Not symptoms.

We help companies better understand & engage
their customers through art & science.


Customer Surveys
Focus Groups
Market Research


Communications Planning
Customer Growth Strategies
Customer Personas


Employee Surveys
Company Culture Studies
Qualitative Research

Brand Alignment
Competitor Studies
Experience Strategy

We Clarify The Path Forward.

Through our Customer Mission Methodology, we turn information into ideas, and ideas into action to generate new business growth.

We Get You The Results.

We minimize risk, putting new ideas in front of customers to ensure adoption and return on investment.

"What's different about Pragmadik is they understand business. Most consultants haven't been in the trenches and provide canned, one-size-fits-all approaches. Pragmadik knows that the most important part of strategy is execution."

- President, Sivyer Steel
Demand Creation
"Marketing is more than simply demand creation, but also demand capture - ensuring that customer needs are met and exceeded, not simply getting customers to the door. This is what Pragmadik gets."

- Former CEO, KONE Americas
"They practice what they preach. There's no pretense to their approach. They get to the heart of business challenges quickly and efficiently. They are unmatched in their responsiveness, insights, and practical performance."

- CEO, Main Street Baseball

Our Customer
Mission™ Methodology

How good is your company at customer engagement?

 What most organizations struggle with, it turns out, is not solving customer problems but figuring out what the problems are. The Customer Mission™ Methodology gets you to the right outcomes, faster.

Momentum over Stagnation

Eliminate barriers to customer growth, generating ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Impact over Interim

Achieve breakthrough customer growth in the short term, while raising share-of-wallet long term.

Service over Silos

Create customer-centric cultures from within, accelerating innovation & organizational collaboration.

Tell me more

Every industry has its customer challenges.
Here's where we focus.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Mid-market companies typically ranging from $50m to $800m in revenue.

Technology & Education

Companies serving the areas of higher education & digital platform development.

Professional Services

Organizations in the fields of architecture, construction, sports, & finance.


Not-for-profit organizations serving environmental & social needs.

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