Our Services.

Is your organization on the same
page with your growth obstacles?

If we can just get
_____ done,
we can achieve
_____ and _____.

What We Do.

uncover unique Customer Needs that create competitive advantage

We help organizations understand their customer experience on deeper level and eliminate the gaps and obstacles which inhibit growth and profitability.

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build healthy cultures that engage, recruit and retain

We discover the weaknesses in your organization's culture and address the critical areas limiting performance and efficiency.

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CREATE tailored STRATEGIES To catapult differentiation

We help identify misalignment within your organization and create communication, leadership, and brand strategies to widen your competitive advantage.

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Our Approach.

We don't use pre-packaged, trite or fluff-filled processes. Each engagement is specifically tailored to the individual client, allowing us to get to the heart of the matter quickly and eliminating redundancies. However, most follow a similar high-level structure:


We start by identifying and understanding  your "big rock" challenges and growth obstacles, identifying where gaps exist and the relationships between them.

2. confirm with INSIGHTS

We validate this with customer and employee insights, ensuring everything correctly aligns with front-line knowledge and experience.

3. Determine the ROOT cause(S)

We then dig into identifying the real causes behind the issues, focusing on the biggest areas of impact and defining their costs and risks to the organization.

4. define and execute corrective actions

We then determine and implement specific corrective actions, coupling them with clearly defined success metrics to ensure positive, measurable outcomes.


Contact the CEO: andrea.olson@pragmadik.com